How to Get the Most Out of Pay Per Call Networks

Pay per call networks generate high-quality inbound calls and leads using their extensive network of marketing partners. They are best suited for high-consideration products and services that require human interaction. They also work well for local businesses.

Palo offers a wide range of ready-to-go campaigns in water damage, insurance, legal services, mortgages and more. Their affiliates get paid fast and enjoy great tech support.

Direct response advertising

Direct response advertising is a type of marketing that drives conversions through specific actions, like completing a form or downloading an ebook. It typically uses a singular, clear, and easily accessible call to action (CTA) and a sense of urgency to inspire consumers to act right away. It can be used across all channels, including TV, radio, email, and social media.

Unlike traditional campaigns, which target a large audience with a generic message, direct response ads are targeted to specific groups of consumers and offer personalized experiences. In fact, 80 percent of consumers say they’re more likely to buy from a brand that offers personalized interactions.

Another advantage of this type of advertising is that it allows marketers to identify a list of interested prospects. This can help sales teams focus on closing leads rather than spending time on unqualified leads. Using UTM codes can also help marketers track and measure campaign performance. These codes are snippets of text placed at the end of a URL that allow marketers to attribute site traffic to their direct response ads.

TV advertising

The best way to get the most out of your pay per call campaign is to create a creative message that captures the attention of the viewer. This will help your ad stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

The ad must also be compelling enough to make people want to call your business and ask about the services you offer. Using an online call tracking platform will help you understand how well your ad performs and make improvements where necessary.

In addition, you can promote your ad on television through pay-per-call affiliate networks, which connect advertisers and publishers. These networks are also able to provide advanced tracking and reporting. They do this by connecting the advertiser, affiliate and publisher through a broker network that manages relationships, tracking and accounting. This is a win-win-win for all parties.

Flyers and posters

While posters and flyers can be expensive, they are an effective method for promoting events or services. They can be distributed at busy public places and in shops, as well as handed out to potential customers or placed on bulletin boards. They are often printed on both sides to make the most of the available space, and they can be photocopied for a reasonable price.

Posters and flyers can also be used to encourage people to call a number, visit a website or attend an event. They can feature QR codes that people can scan with their phones to receive additional information about an event or service.

PX offers a wide variety of pay per call advertisers across different niches. You can find offers in the dating, finance, health insurance and home services niches, among others. They also have a decent commission rate, as well as timely tech support for publishers.


Pay-per-call campaigns can be promoted through many different marketing channels and tactics. These include search, social media, video ads, email and radio. By capitalizing on consumer purchase intent, marketers can increase lead quality and monetize users who prefer to call rather than fill out a form.

Despite being a relatively new performance marketing channel, pay-per-call is booming. As more advertisers and publishers embrace this model, the industry has seen impressive results across a number of verticals. These include insurance, finance, and home services. These offer high-consideration products and services that require a human connection over the phone to help customers mitigate risk.

PX is a major player in the pay-per-call space with over 500 offers and a large variety of niches. They are particularly strong in the home and service categories, offering leads for roof repair, pest control, windows, landscaping, and stairlifts. The network also has a robust remarketing program. They use strict compliance practices and review partner creatives on a regular basis to ensure the best possible campaign for their clients.

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