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Commercial landscaping can make or break a business’s image. Attractive landscapes attract customers, increase property value, improve workers’ productivity and demonstrate eco-friendly values.

Detailed stone work, unique plants and outdoor furniture create gathering spots that invite people to linger. These green, welcoming community spaces are host to farmers markets, outdoor fitness classes and lawn games.

Curb Appeal

A well-maintained landscape gives your business a welcoming look, which lets your customers know that you take pride in your location and community. A commercial landscaping design plan can help you arrange projects to fit your budget, making it easier to create the ideal curb appeal for your space.

In residential real estate, the concept of curb appeal is widely understood: a home’s exterior and landscaping give potential buyers their first impression of a property and influence how they perceive its interior. In fact, studies show that homes with attractive exteriors sell more quickly and at higher prices.

In a business, the impact of a welcoming landscape is just as important. With the right landscaping, you can convey a sense of organization and quality to your customers before they even enter your door. In turn, this creates a positive perception of your brand and encourages return visits. Moreover, a well-maintained landscape can reduce your energy costs by shading the building and deflecting sunlight.


Incorporating security into a commercial landscape design can be done without compromising its aesthetically pleasing design. “Good landscape architecture, which includes environmental sensitivity, preservation of natural and built environment, unique identity and sense of place, cultural and social issues, human scale, harmony with nature and marriage of form and function, need not be at odds with security,” says Decker.

It is important for commercial landscaping professionals to make safety a priority. In addition to ensuring the well-being of team members, doing so ensures compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines. Failure to follow OSHA guidelines can result in fines or the shutdown of a project.

Herbaceous plants that can withstand harsh summer conditions and heavy snow loads, as well as paved areas can help keep a commercial property safe from damage. Additionally, strategically placed benches and tables for waiting, as well as symmetrical plantings can help direct traffic and prevent unwanted surveillance. The right lighting, including motion sensing fixtures, can also enhance security on a commercial property.


Many commercial landscapes use hardscape elements such as walkways and fountains that define spaces on the property. Adding lighting to these features adds even more definition and also makes the areas safer for customers to walk through.

A clean and well-maintained landscape sends the right message to potential customers or tenants and shows that a business is well-run and takes pride in its location and the community it belongs to. Conversely, a messy and overgrown landscape sends a very different message and can scare off potential clients or tenants.

A professional landscaping team can help your property look great all year round. Fallen limbs, uneven pavement and a parking lot full of ice and snow are not the image you want to project for your business. Regular maintenance keeps your business looking its best and helps you avoid costly repairs down the road. A well-maintained landscape is also safe for your customers and employees. Choosing the right plants that can handle the weather of your region is also important for a healthy and long-lasting landscape.


A well-designed commercial landscape can improve the value of a property, allowing businesses to reap a financial reward from their investment. It also increases brand image and creates a connection between a business and its patrons.

Incorporating a variety of trees, bushes and other plants can help to keep a building comparatively cool in the summer, saving energy costs. This also shows that the company or institution cares about the environment and is eco-friendly, a trait that many people look for in companies they do business with.

When it comes to pricing your services, remember that not all clients are equal. Some may only want a basic design while others want full-color rendered drawings and 3D computer simulations. If you can identify the type of client you are dealing with and offer them a package for the price they want, they are more likely to hire you. If not, you risk losing their business. By doing this, you can ensure that you are compensated for all the work you provide and give your clients the results they want.

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